Chamber Choir is the Second season in my Total Drama series


This season had 15 returning campers from season 1 and introduced 13 new competitors who would compete for 1 million dollars. The show is again hosted by Nick Manley and co-hosted by Kelly Johnson. The 28 competitors were divided into two seperate teams: Screaming Solos and Killer Duets. Every couple of days, the two teams would be forced to compete in challenges. The losing team would vote off one of their members and that lucky camper would leave the hotel in the lamosine. Eventually, the teams merge and the process stays the same, except for only 1 person winning a challenge. This process continues until only two people remain and they would compete for the million.


Name Team Status Placing Episode Eliminated Merge
Aaron KD
Abby KD
Adam KD
Alex KD
Ben SS
Brandon SS
Brendan SS
Brianna KD
Chrissy SS
Cody SS
Conner SS
Cooper SS
Crecencio SS
Emily SS
Gabe KD
Jason KD
Jeanne SS
Kate KD
Katie KD
Kyle SS
Maddie KD
Marie KD
Neal KD
Ryne SS
Shauna SS
Shelby SS
Stephanie KD
Sydney KD