Paradise Cove is the first season of my Total Drama series. This show takes place near St. Paul, Minnesota.


This season introduced 24 seniors who would compete for 1 million dollars. The show is hosted by Nick Manley and co-hosted by Kelly Johnson. The 24 chosen seniors were divided into two seperate teams: Team Campfires and Team Aquatics. Every couple of days, the two teams would be forced to compete in challenges. The losing team would vote off one of their members and that lucky camper would leave the cove via the Boat of Losers. Eventually, the teams merge and the process stays the same, except for only 1 person winning a challenge. This process continues until only two people remain and they would compete for the million.


Particiapant Team Status Placing Episode Eliminated In Merge
Ben Aquatic OUT 24th 1st voted out in Welcome to Paradise... NOT NO
Jeanne Campfire OUT 23rd 2nd voted out in It's Hunting Time Again NO
Gabe Campfire OUT 22nd 3rd voted out in Our Sucky Camp NO
Emily Aquatic OUT 21st 4th voted out in The Sand Project NO
Warren Aquatic OUT 20th 5th voted out in Backstabber's Bay NO
Shelby Campfire OUT 19th 6th voted out in Wheel of Misfortune NO
Jordan Aquatic OUT 18th 7th voted out in Brawl of Losers NO
Brianna Campfire OUT 17th 8th voted out in Lakeside Target Practice NO
Shauna Aquatic OUT 16th 9th voted out in Jetski Mayhem NO
Ashley Aquatic OUT 15th Quit in Beach Tennis Party NO
Conner Campfire OUT 14th 11th voted out in Their Coming for...YOU NO
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Austin Aquatic in
Brandon Campfire in
Brendan Campfire in
Chrissy Campfire in
Cody Campfire in
Danielle Aquatic in
Jason Aquatic in
Katie Campfire in
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