Team Aquatic is one of two opposing teams in Paradise Cove. Team Aquatic consist of Abby, Austin, Ashley, Ben, Danielle, Emily, Jason, Jordan, Kyle, Nicole, Shauna, and Warren.

Team Aquatic

Number of Members


Highest Ranking Member

Nicole, 1st

Lowest Ranking Member

Ben, 24th

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Team Rank Voted Off Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Ben Male 12th 24th Welcome to Paradise... NOT His team disliked his attitude.
Emily Female 11th 21th The Sand Project Jason convinced his alliance to vote her off.
Warren Male 10th 20th Backstabber's Bay He got trapped in one of Jason's traps, costing them the win.
Jordan Male 9th 18th Brawl of Losers He was seen as a huge threat and was blindsided by Jason's alliance.
Shauna Female 8th 16th Jetski Mayhem She failed the challenge needed for the win.
Ashley Female 7th 15th Beach Tennis Party She quit the show.


6th 11th She was voted off because she refused to join Jason's alliance.
Kyle Male 5th 10th He was voted off because he learned about Jason's plan.
Abby Female 4th 9th Everyone was jealous that she won a great reward.
Austin Male 3rd 6th Jason saw him as the biggest threat and convinced Katie and Matt to vote him off.
Jason Male 2nd 3rd He lost in the tie-breaker challenge to Matt and Nicole.
Nicole Female 1st 1st Nicole defeats Matt in the final challenge.