Team Campfire

Number of Members


Highest Ranking Member

Matt, 2nd

Lowest Ranking Member

Jeanne, 23rd

Team Campfire are one of two opposing teams in Paradise Cove. Team Campfire consists of Brandon, Brendan, Brianna, Chrissy, Cody, Conner, Gabe, Jeanne, Katie, Maddie, Matt, and Shelby. Team Aquatic is their opposing team.

Campers EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Team Rank Voted Off Episode Voted Off Reson Voted Off
Jeanne Female 12th 23rd It's Hunting Time Again Constantly annoyned her teammates by being confused about the challenge.
Gabe Male 11th 22nd Our Sucky Camp Jason caused a fire to burn down the Campfire's tent and Gabe got the blame.
Shelby Female 10th 19th Wheel of Misfortune She was seen as the weak link on the team for her constant sucking up to the host.
Brianna Female 9th 17th Lakeside Target Practice She cost the team the win.
Conner Male 8th 14th He accidently reveals his teammates locations during the challenge.
Brendan Male 7th 13th Brandon was originally suppose to be eliminated, but he forged the votes to get Brendan out instead.
Brandon Male 6th 12th Everyone wanted him out for what he did to Brendan.
Chrissy Female 5th 8th Jason convinced other people that her popularity was a threat.
Cody Male 4th 7th He was voted off by the Girl's alliance.
Katie Female 3rd 5th She was seen as the biggest threat. Jason and Matt voted for her.
Maddie Female 2nd 4th Jason had convinced Nicole and Matt to vote her out.
Matt Male 1st 2nd He lost to Nicole in the final challenge.